Petits Gateaux with Chocolate Buttercream                         
A note on chocolate:
For my recipes that are chocolate based I use either Valhrona (from France) or Callebaut (from Switzerland) chocolate. Real chocolate is made with real cocoa butter, and once you try this stuff you can't go back! Real chocolate that is to be molded such as for truffles and the petits gateaux must go through a process called 'tempering' in order to turn out shiny when it hardens. If it is not properly tempered it will develop what is called 'bloom,' or hazy blotches. Tempering is a very involved process that includes getting the chocolate to reach 3 specific temperatures before molding it. Traditionally, chocolate was tempered on a marble slab. Most pastry chefs now use a machine to temper their chocolate. I still temper the old fashioned way, which is very time consuming, so most of my chocolate pastries are not currently available for large scale ordering.